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Over twenty years of extensive experience in full project lifecycle, Product owner, Project lead, team lead, technology delivery manager, application design and architecture, software development, documentation and project planning, database design, systems analysis and database optimization, enterprise integration, technical support; testing and implementation of various Distributed multi-tiers, multi threaded applications for Financial Services Domain.

  • Core Java, J2EE 70% 70%
  • SOA, SOA Design pattern, Web Services, BPM, BI 65% 65%
  • Master Data Management, Realtime solution, Informatica, Siperian 20% 20%
  • Data engineering, Data analysis, Data processing, Data driven decision points, Data migration 80% 80%
  • Database, Sybase, Oracle, MySQL 60% 60%
  • Finance Domain, Global Market, Wealth Management, Investment banking 60% 60%
  • Quartz/Python framework, XML-RPC, Data analysis, Data Processing, Pandas, Big data, Relationship database, etc 40% 40%
  • Python, Python based MQ, FTP, File, Database processing 40% 40%

My Work Experience!

*       Over eighteen years of extensive experience in full project lifecycle, project lead, team lead, technology delivery manager, application design and architecture, software development, documentation and project planning, database design, systems analysis and database optimization, enterprise integration, technical support; testing and implementation of various Distributed multi-tiers, multi threaded applications for Financial Services Domain.

*       SOA Architect, Designed and Implementation experience of SOA Design Patterns.

*       Hands on with Java and related technology

*       Excellent Leadership, Technical, Communication, Analytical and Problem Solving skills and ability to get on well with people including cross-cultural backgrounds.

*       As a technology delivery manager lead the project to the successful implementation.

*       Implemented solutions for brokerage client Data Governance and Business Rules Governance

*       Have been recognized by the head of the GWM technology to providing cost saving ideas and implementing the solutions.

Technical Skills
Software Engineering: The UML, RUP, and Systematic Software Reuse
Architecture: Object-oriented design, design patterns, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM), enterprise messaging, Master Data Management (MDM)
Operating Systems: Sun Solaris, Windows 2000/NT/XP, HP-UNIX.
MDM solution: Siperian/Informatica Master Data Management, Informatica Identify Resolution (IR/MDM-RE) solution
Enterprise Search Platform: Apache Solr
Bank Of America Enterprise Framework: Qz/Quartz Framework
Mobile development Platform: Xcode for iPhone and iPad interface and integration with Spring framework, Android
Programming Languages: Python, Java, J2EE, XML, XSLT, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, Ajax, PL/SQL, Java Web Technologies: Servlets, JSP,EJB3, JSF, Hibernate, JSTL, Java Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, Schemas, Apache AXIS, JDBC, JAX-RPC, JAXP (SAX, DOM),JNDI, LDAP, FOP, JavaMail, Jakarta Commons Libraries, JUnit, Ivy, Python, PHP, ASP.
Middleware: J2EE – JDBC, JMS, EJB, IBM Websphere MQ, Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI)
Application Servers: WebsphereWeblogic 8.1, JBoss 5.0, Apache HTTP server, Apache Tomcat 4.0/5.0, IIS
RDBMS: Oracle 9i/10g/11g, SQL Server 7.0, Sybase, MySQL.
Tools: Eclipse/MyEclipse, Intellij, Net Beans, JTest 3.0, XMLSPY
Portal Server: Aqualogic 6.1, PlumTree 4.5
Fax Service: Premiere Connect FAX Services
Methodologies/Models: OOAD, UML, RUP.
Methodologies/Models tools: Sybase PowerDesigner 16.
Frameworks: MVC, Apache Struts, Spring, Java Server Faces, Jboss Seam.
Bank Of America - Payments business
Oct’13- Present

Realtime payment processing – Payment Business

Designing Mule based payment processing engine to communicate with the clearing house like TCH, NPCI. Core java is the center of the entire processing. Along with Core java, Mule, BPM Activiti engine to manage the rules and processing around the data. Centralize the core component and made them re-usable across the channels.

Settlement system – Payment Business

Part of Settlement business back office cash manager group. Payment Business system performs orchestration between highly diverse platforms including Java, ETL, custom home group solution etc. The orchestrator is completely written in Python based Quartz framework. System was capable to integrate with MQ and FTP server to read/write and process the data. Worked closely with the enterprise Quartz core group and coming up with the centralize solution. Worked on the Bank of America core component principle.  Worked on Python based easy deployment and runtime management solution.


Role & Responsibilities: Architect, Design, Python based Quartz solution

*      Understanding of the business requirements’ and current technology challenges & issues.
*      Design and Develop Python based core components, later on leveraged by the orchestrator to manage the data processing.
*      Design and Developed Python based XML RPC based website to push the trades in to the settlement system for easy integration during the development and QA process.
*      Worked closely with product owner and business users to understand the requirement and work with scrum masters to priorities.
*      Worked on agile principle with two weeks of design and development timelines.

Enterprise Scoring Key Management - ETS
Oct’12 – Sept’13
Application Architect in Enterprise Scoring Key Management System

Working as application architect with Enterprise Scoring Key Management system to streamline the existing architecture. The system is a major part of the overall ETS testing platform where for a given candidate response the scoring is calculated. Involved in provide approach to secure Web services using industry standard Spring Security framework authentication, integrating the system with the Oracle Access Management. Working closely with the enterprise architecture team to have a single approach to the caching solution for all caching need at the enterprise level.

Role & Responsibilities:  Application Architect
*       Understanding of the business requirementsí and current technology challenges & issues.
*       Architectural solution to fit in the business need.
*       Solution recommendation is based on the facets of providing cost effective solution.
*       Reviewed existing process/execution and recommended solution to Improved service performance by 30%
*       Solution to implement centralize authentication/authorization approach using Oracle Access Manager

Client & Account Data - Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Octí07- Sept’12
Global Wealth Management 

Part of Client & Account Data BI group to support Bank and Brokerage customer. The system is managing the data between 6 different wealth management systems and providing them real time access to the data. The Data is managed within MDM Solution. Involved in Integration project between Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, Enterprise customer information, Single version of the customer information, Identify same customer using MDM and IR/MDM-RE solution, Custom Framework, Custom Web Service solution to support client and account data for the Bank and Brokerage clients.

Role & Responsibilities: Architect, Project Lead, Lead Developer 
*       Understanding of the business requirementsí and current technology challenges & issues.
*       Design and Develop Client centric Master Data Management solution.
*       Analyzed the limitations and issues of existing Web services, and Architected, Designed, Developed and implemented the new Web services Framework based on the Dynamic routing SOA Design Pattern using Java, Axis, Castor, Xerces and XML for Client Data Mgmt.
*       Analyzed, Architected, Designed Master Profile Web service functions, XML Schema design and took part in Database logical and physical data model design using Java 1.5, Axis 1.4, Castor, Ivy, iBatis 2.3, Xerces 2.7.1, SoapUI, Junit, Websphere 6.1, Oracle 10g, Siperian XU/XT MDM solution. Re-designed ANT built scripts to leverage Dynamic library loading using Ivy.
*       For Client Hub Web Service, worked with business to understand the requirements, created architecture and design documents for offshore and on-site developers for development.
*       Involved in the Performance tuning of Client Hub web service to meet SLA.
*       Understood the Siperian Data Model and utilized Siperian API for Client Data Management within Client Hub and Master Profile Web services.
*       Developed Synchronization process using Tibco Designer to invoke web service and perform Database calls for Siperian Tokens.

Global Markets and Risk Technology - Merrill Lynch
Back office confirmation systems: Documentation of the post trade life cycle and Reconciliation between the trading system AURORA, Clearing System DTCC, IDS (inhouse documentation system) and Cash Manager (in-house cash settlement system).
Worked on Industry Initiative 4 Way Rec, IDS and Confirm Gateway projects.

Role & Responsibilities:
*       Architected, Designed, Developed and implemented the reconciliation process across trading partners and internal systems using Java, Perl, XML, XSL on Unix environment.
*       Analyzed, Designed and developed database layer using Hibernate, Oracle 10g for confirmation generations storage.
*       Analyzed, Designed and developed new FAX framework that utilize Axis libraries and making this framework user friendly as to make sure seamless integration with IDS and confirm Gateway systems.
*       Analyzed ad implemented the integration with MT3xx SWIFT/TRAM messaging for Confirm Gateway system.
*       Designing unit test cases for core functionality that includes but not limited to send/cancel and status functionality for FAX.
*       Was part of the Production support on a rotation basis for Level 3 support if support group cannot resolve the issues.

Financial Professional - Blackrock
Sept’06- Sept’07
Investment Management                                                                                            

Sales & Marketing Technology: Responsible for Blackrock Mutual funds Content Management, Performance reporting & Content Distribution across various channels for Blackrock and external Financial Advisors. Worked onFinancial Professional (FP) System, Web Statistics projects.
Role & Responsibilities:
*       Architected, Designed, developed, coordinated, implemented External FP portal (http://www.blackrock.com/fp) using JBoss 4.2, Jboss Seam, Java, Web Service using Axis, Log4J, Message beans, Hibernate, Oracle 9i, on UNIX environment. Approximate number of hits to this portal would be 100000 hits a day.
*       Involved in Analysis/design and development of Single sign-on component for Aqualogic Portal with CA Netegrity SiteMinder. Design and Development of JSF component for user management.
*       Integrated the FP site with Morning Star, Harte hangs, Wall Street on Demand for performance data.
*       Analyzed, Designed and developed Web service using Axis. Hibernate development for data management.
*       Performed load testing of the Web service call.
*       Was part of the Production support on a rotation basis for Level 3 support if support group cannot resolve the issues.

CMS Portal - Merrill Lynch Investment Managers
April’05 – Sept’06

Senior Programmer Analyst    

Sales & Marketing Technology: Responsible for Merrill Lynch Mutual funds Content Management, Performance reporting & Content Distribution across various channels for Merrill Lynch and external Financial Advisors.Worked on Trident, Content Management Framework, Presentation Center, Institutional Distribution Portal (IDP) and UIFramework projects.

Role & Responsibilities: Lead Architect, Designer, Sr Systems Analyst & Lead Developer.
*       Architected, Designed and developed IDP, which is first project in MLIM based on the SOA architecture.
*       Architected, Designed and developed the concepts of UI Framework over to build UI utilizing common library for data transformation, data repository APIs, application framework to invoke classed based on the concept of Dependency injection using Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlet, AXIS, FOP, XML, XSL, SAX, JDOM. Reduced development time by 50% for producing dynamic web pages, reports (excel, pdf) and makes it possible for a non-J2EE developer to create dynamic content.
*       Architected, Designed and Developed an Abstract layer to interface with Multiple Content Management Systems to provide single interface to manage Content distribution using Factory Pattern implementation.
*       Implemented JSR-170 Interfaces to support any content management system that support JSR-170.
*       Designed and Developed of Ajax based component creation layer for presentation center.
*       Design and Developed web service invocation framework based on Dynamic binding methodologies using Java Axis.
*       Design and development of FOP API, XML, XSL based PDF generation process.
*       Created high-level architecture, data and application design models for guiding offshore development team
*       Created Design and Architecture documents and coordinated with offshore to development and integration.
*       Leveraged Stellent Content Management and Siebel Web Services for Dynamic Data and content integration.
*       Created the various UML diagrams for developing Use cases and implemented Singleton, Abstract, Proxy, MVC patterns.
*       Deployment and Configuration of all the application components for Weblogic Application Server and Plumtree Portal Gadgets.
*       Was part of the Production support on a rotation basis for Level 3 support if support group cannot resolve the issues.

Intelligence Mortgage System (AIMS): - JP Morgan Chase
Jan’05 – March’05
Senior Programmer Analyst                                                                                                         

Intelligence Mortgage System (AIMS): Generates the best-matched mortgage programs available. It has options for different kind of loan types, which includes First/Second/Open/Closed, ARM, HELOC, First time buyers etc.

Role & Responsibilities:
*       Designed and developed Java programs to transfer input data from AS400 to Oracle.
*       Wrote business rules to generate mortgage deals using Art Enterprise an Artificial Intelligence programming language. Business rules also include denied deals based on the criteria specified.

Sales Performance Management - Synygy Inc.
July’01 – Jan’05
Synygy is the largest and most experienced provider of sales performance management (SPM) solutions that increase the effectiveness of sales forces by automating and improving operations in sales organizations.
Sales Compensation Management (SCM) system: is leading Software as a service (SaaS) product that provides services to Major Pharmaceutical companies in the world. It is the first web based SCM product that was introduced in the market.

Role & Responsibilities:  Module Lead, , Architect, Designer and Developer.
*       Responsible for requirements gathering, analysis, designing, developing, testing and implementation of the core component that involves extensive mathematical calculations APIs for sales performance compensation using Java, Servlet, JSP, JSTL, XML, XSL, Hibernate, SAX, DOM, JUnit, ANT, Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTP server, SQL Server, Oracle, Eclipse, Intellij, Test Director.
*       Responsible for Database design and development of the Core components.
*       Participated in Functional and Technical design reviews.
*       Involved in Implementing Unit and Integration test scripts using JUnit, Parasoftís JTest and WebKing.
*       Created and maintained build, and regression testing scripts written in the Apache-ANT framework.
*       Evaluated new design and development tools for overall quality and cost effectiveness.
*       Involved in designing static analysis rules for java code and managing people involved in this project. Primarily involved in leading this project and manage a team of 3 overseas (INDIA) people.
*       Involved in designing the static analysis rules using XPath and created an Applet for suppression/un-suppression of a violation.
*       Provide support for this application. Worked with Offshore team to do development.

Online World Link - UPS
July’00 – May’01
Software Engineer                                                                                        
UPS Online World Link 2.0
The objective of UOWL is to provide Internet access to UPS customersí free fenced access to UPS related Websites and paid access to Internet. This newer version is targeted to the entire world and is being made Multilingual.

Converted existing application to multilingual. Wrote install shield scripts for newer version. Utilize IEAK APIs for customizing and branding of Internet Explorer. Involved in providing customer support  for the version 1.0 usingC, C++, Visual C++, Installshield 5.5, and IEAK5.5

VSB Desktop - WebValley India Private Limited
Dec’97 – June’00
Software Engineer                                                                                        

VSB Desktop
The system is a Web page designing tool that creates pages, generates sites and uploads it to the WebValley server. It has a Client/Server module reads all the published pages and uploads them to WebRoot of the web server.

Involved in system study and designing. Prepared program specification, Coded 5 Programs, involving 4000 lines of code in C, C++ as language, Extensive use of Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX Controls and Unit/Integrity Testing using VC++ 6.0, MFC, Win32 SDK/APIs, WinSock, TCP/IP, ActiveX, Windows NT. Participated in documentation and implementation.

WVActiveX - Software Mogules India Private Limited
 Dec ’98 – June ’99
WVActiveX is an ActiveX control embedded in HTML page. This is System ListView Control, which contains information for a client. Information of a client is passed to this control as a parameter in the HTML EMBD tag control reads that parameters and perform according to that.
Responsibilities: Involved in System Study. Designed Program Specification. Coded 8 Programs, involved 5000 lines of code in C++ as language and using MFC, Unit/Integrity Testing using VC++ 5.0, MFC, Win 32 SDK, WinSock, TCP/IP, Windows NT and documentation
SMTP Mail - Software Mogules India Private Limited
Mar ’98 – Nov ’98
SMTP Mail Receiver is a client-server program running on Internet mail server.  It accepts the emails from other Internet servers and places them into the email server database. It uses port 25 to receive connection from peer server. Socket API is used for client/server communication. Sybase is used as a backend and to store the email information and email contents. Sybase runtime library is used for retrieving that information from the Sybase database.

Responsibilities: Involved in SMTP Protocol and System Study. Design Program Specification, Unit/Integrity Testing using C, Sybase, Sybase runtime library, Sun Solaris.

Network Backup Utility SMARCH - Software Mogules India Private Limited
Nov ’97 – Feb ’98
Backman is the process that executes on Server and forks different processes that initializes the tape or HDD and prepares them to take Backup of the selected data from the selected machine. Socket API is used for data transmission, Sybase database is used as backend and Sybase database runtime library is used to place the data in the database.

Responsibilities: Involved in System Study. Design Program Specification. Coded 3 Programs, involved 1900 lines of code in C as language. Underwent Unit/Integrity Testing using C, Sun Solaris, Sybase, Sybase runtime library and developed documentation.


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